SGW Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence

SGW hyaluronic acid hydrating essence is a healthy yet effective beauty product used to help reduce wrinkles and provide significant hydrating and whitening effect. Hyaluronic acid is one of the important components in the human dermal tissue. It is non-toxic and non-allergic skin care product with no exclusion besides improving the condition of skin inflammation.

Why use Hyaluronic Acid?

Young skin is soft and elastic because it is rich in hyaluronic acid, With the intensification of aging and damage from surrounding environment, hyaluronic acid of the dermal layer is destroyed, resulting in the loss of moisture in the dermal tissue and the formation of loose skin and wrinkle. If the skin continues to dry, your skin will turn into a desert – just like the ancient Egyptian mummy. SGW hyaluronic acid hydrating essence is a unique pharmaceutical grade A hyaluronic acid. This product is different from other hyaluronic acid products in the market as it goes through the transdermal absorption technology to produce hyaluronic acid and can be a more effective treatment of morbid and aging skin. Such innovative application-type hyaluronic acid products are also more safe and convenient than the hyaluronic acid injection method. SGW hyaluronic acid hydrating essence can help to remove facial wrinkles, leaving your skin smooth and glowing. It contains tiny molecules to penetrate the skin effectively for deep hydration, which inhibits the production of melanin, shrinks pores to improve skin inflammation, regains skin vitality and firmness. These six great benefits are set to ensure those who desire beauty to become more beautiful. 


Functions of Hydrating Essence:


1. Shrink pores, repair sensitive skin, regains skin vitality and firmness

After hyaluronic acid absorbs a lot of water, elastic fibers and collagen then appear in an environment filled with water and the skin then becomes more elastic. The use of hyaluronic acid and other skin care products can boost product absorption, enhance the effect as well as an emergency rescue towards repairing sensitive dehydrated skin. 

2. Effectively improve the appearance of wrinkles on face, neck and hand

One very important function in hyaluronic acid is its wrinkle removal effect which typically removes any wrinkles. Another great use of hyaluronic acid is to remove tear trough. With the use of hyaluronic acid, the skin becomes hydrated, thus enabling the skin to better absorb other nutrients and collagen. This fills the gap to allow one’s skin looking more elastic and hence, smoothening the fine lines.

3. Fully replenish nutrients and water, increase skin elasticity and prevent sagging

As we age, coupled with the accumulation of UV damage, chemical or environmental pollution stimulation, hyaluronic acid in the skin dermal layer will be lost. It will also further cause the dermal tissue to lose its moisture, resulting in wrinkles and reduced elasticity. Hyaluronic acid not only can help the skin absorbs a lot of water from within the body to the skin surface, it also enhances the duration of the skin water retention capability. When hyaluronic acid absorbs a lot of water, the elastic fibers and collagen are within an environment filled with moisture and the skin becomes more elastic. Therefore, hyaluronic acid is a tool to prevent skin aging.

4. Whitening and reducing pigmentation, brightening the skin tone and promoting the absorption of products that follow thereafter.

Dirty air, UV damage, makeup and other factors activate free radicals, resulting in a large number of cell death and metabolic disorders. Intracellular impurities cannot be metabolised out of the body, resulting in pigment deposition. Dead and aged cells added to the skin tone, making the skin looks darker and dull. Hyaluronic acid hydrating essence can accelerate the formation of skin cells, promote cell metabolism so that the skin becomes fair, tender and smooth! 

5. Safe to use and without side effects, even suitable for babies and pregnant ladies.

The world's first German Bayer pharmaceutical grade A hyaluronic acid is safe and effective, with vacuum packaging that is hardly seen in the market!

Many pretty ladies are using hyaluronic acid, but do you know the concentration of hyaluronic acid that you are using? You can look at the markings on top of the box for yourself. A lot of people in the market do not know its concentration level although they spend a huge sum of money to buy these things. They do not even know how much concentration they are buying although they use it daily, but is it really effective? The answer is: Not necessarily! This is because some of them may have only small amount of hyaluronic acid within while others may have none at all.

Women start to grow old at the rate of 0.02mm daily from the age of 25. Therefore, be sure to do your research on anti-aging. If you insist on using the correct anti-aging method from the age of 25, it may not make you look like a 16-year-old but over the next few years, you would still be having your 25-year-old look. If you adhere to the correct anti-aging method from the age of 40, you would still look like 40 years old when you reach 45. This is the thing about anti-aging - it is never too early, we only regret when it is too late!



If you wish to see the magical effect of hyaluronic acid, you will need to finish up the entire 5ml/bottle the first time and never try to save on it. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to adhere to a course of treatment (six bottles)

PS: When you are extremely thirsty, a small cup of water definitely would not be able to quench your thirst. Only a large cup of water would be able to quench it. The same logic applies to your skin so the first time you use, remember to use 5ml of hyaluronic acid completely!

When the Germany originally imported application-type hydrating essence was first introduced, it received overwhelming response and great feedback from existing and new customers. Sales volume relies heavily on great feedbacks and support! It continues to become popular throughout the North and South. Germany Bayer application-type hydrating essence brought change to the unchangeable! Having 500 pharmaceutical companies worldwide, we only give you the best quality!


1. After cleansing, apply one third of hydrating essence on face and make circular motion until it is 80% absorbed. 

2. Apply hydrating mask. 

3. After applying the mask, wash face with water and directly apply the essence for the second time. 

4. Apply a third layer when 80% is absorbed, followed by moisturising cream or lotion. 

Many people say that I only go for popular brand, but let me tell you - 30% of the popular brand goes to its advertising cost, 30% for tax and another 20% kept for profit. The famous brand you bought is then left with a cost of less than 20%. In other words, you are just paying for their advertising cost. Those who have experienced our SGW hydrating essence know very well that it is officially approved by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency, safe for use, non-irritable, nothing less than any famous brand, affordable yet able to provide the luxurious experience. Those who have yet to experience it, do come quickly to give it a try!  

SGW Hyaluronic Acid Need-To-Know

Hyaluronic acid hydrating essence’s main ingredient is a thin layer of uric acid and highly concentrated hyaluronic acid that contains 200-300 times of water in a human body. This makes the skin more elastic and healthier, treating dry and loose skin. It is suitable for those with sensitive skin, pigmentation or dull skin, blemish scar, wrinkles, loose skin and other skin problems.

There are two types of application-type meso products in the market now

1. Oil-based meso products, oily when applied on the face, shiny on the surface when in fact, it is preventing the skin from absorbing water and nutrients.

2. Non oil-based meso products, watery form when applied on face, able to extract the water and nutrients from lotion and cream while being absorbed by the skin.

Hyaluronic acid hydrating essence by German Bayer is non-oily and feels watery when applied on face. It does not have the oily feeling and continues hydrating while absorbing water and nutrients from lotion and cream into the skin. The essence keeps providing water to the skin, promoting nutrient absorption. After a long-term use, not only does the skin surface looks bright, the subcutaneous tissue in basal layer could store a lot of water and nutrition. You will find your ligament tightened and your aging speed relatively slower.



Treatment plan for hyaluronic acid hydrating essencecore:

A bottle of hyaluronic acid hydrating essence can last up to 2-3 days. Strictly speaking, long-term use of it yields a better result as it could restore youthfulness, lock in one’s beauty, efficiently remove wrinkle, moisturise and lock in water so that the skin becomes younger by 5 years and more while the aging process is delayed up to 3 years. 

General treatment outline:

30 bottles treatment course: suitable for all ages and any skin. When used over three months, the skin looks 5 years younger, firmer, more hydrated and fairer.

18 bottles treatment course: suitable for very matured skin. 

12 bottles treatment course: suitable for matured skin. 

5 bottles treatment course: suitable for young skin. 

Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence---- Easily absorbs, rapid penetration! Directly reaches the base!

Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence - The best partner for lotion and cream!

Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence ---- Use it this year and your youthfulness remains next year!

Why is the Hydrating Essence so capricious?

Because it can solve 90% of skin problems

Rather than applying masks for 100 times, why not go for the hydrating essence for just once?

What is the principle of hydrating essence?

Hyaluronic acid works on the principle of using a large amount of medical grade-small hyaluronic acid molecule It penetrates into the skin with nutrient solution, repairing and training dry cells to stimulate collagen regeneration.

Main component: 100% medical grade-small hyaluronic molecule