SGW Rejuvenating Facial Mask is based on TEARLESS formula, pure plants extract, no irritation even eye get contacted. That’s why called “TEARLESS”.

Why chooese SGW Rejuvenating Facial Mask

With our leading technology, proudly to announce that we are the only one with tearless formula.
There are limited types of mask in the market, usually is only normal water replenishment which rarely to realize mask with tearless formula. Mostly is focusing on the cream, the milky form, and the essence part. This is main traditional practice. As to Asian, the require care for Caucasian is much more simple.

Product Introduction

Pure Plant Extracts

Aesculus Hippocastanum

Aesculus Hippocastanum is rich in saponin compounds which has the effect of removing grease, mild and has biological activity and good permeability. It is the ideal soap in cosmetics raw materials. Aesculus Hippocastanum have resistance to dermatitis. Combination with the radical elimination of superoxide free radicals can alleviate skin allergies that is in the skin care water or mask. It can prevent and treat such as skin erythema, edema, inflammation, allergies, and so on. Its activation of the tissue protease shows that it can enhance skin metabolism and have anti-aging effect.

Butyrospermum Parkii

Oleum Butyrospermi Parkii is a rich moisturizer that can easily absorb by skin. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and can enhance the skin's ability to moisturize. It can enhance the skin moisturizing ability, dry and damaged skin as to prevent the loss of skin moisture helps heal wounds, increases skin defense and suppleness. It is a rare skin care natural ingredients.

Glycyrrhizic Acid

Glycyrrhizic Acid is one of the major extracts in licorice, and it has antioxidant function. It shows strong anti-free radical oxidation in cytochrome P450 / NADPH oxidation system, which can obviously restrain the production of free radical during metabolism process, to avoid oxidation by sensitive biological macromolecules (low-density lipoprotein LDL, DNA) and also damage of cell’s walls through free radical oxidation. The main function found in skin care product is for whitening effect, that is why it is expensive with its significant whitening effect, also known as “Whitening Gold.” It also known as infant formula which rarely to find this kind of product in the market. This is due to the raw material have to be natural and with significant effect. This combination of refining and compatibility requirements are high, and it is difficult to get a satisfy outcome.

Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica also named as collagen of plant, it stimulate activities of regenerate of collagen in the skin, enhance base cell energetic level, keep skin elasticity and firming. Antioxidant, restrain free radical activity, regulate skin immunity; desalination melanin precipitation, keep the skin cell regeneration; anti-oxidant, inhibit skin regeneration, enhance the skin basal cell vitality, keep the skin elasticity and tight; Increase skin moisture, activation and renewal of skin cells; anti-allergic protective effect, protect the skin from external injuries.

Commiphora Myrrha leaf Cell

Commiphora Myrrha is an ingredient found in Chamomile flower has anti-inflammatory properties, and bacteriostasis as an active ingredient to protect and care for allergic skin.


Aloe extract have anti-inflammatory, softening the skin and the function of maintaining cell viability. Curdlan further combined with traumatic acid have wound healing action and anti-aging to prevent cell aging.

Portulaca Oleracea

Portulaca Oleracea is rich in flavonoids, adrenaline, polysaccharides with variety of vitamins, amino acids and other compounds. It can anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, resist external skin of various stimuli, and anti-acne function. In particular, it has obvious anti-allergic effects on skin allergies caused by long-term use of hormonal cosmetics.

Functions of SGW Rejuvenating Facial Mask:

Ø  Mask is designed according to human face, rejuvenating facial mask, herbal essence, pure plant extracts, skin become soft and tender after apply it. At the same time it also prevent the skin from the intrusion by external environment aspect.

Ø  Suitable for skin problems such as hormone dependence facial, dermatitis, allergic cortical membrane damage, sunburn acne, anti-inflammatory, serious shedding skin dehydration skin and so for a series of skin problems, main purpose is rejuvenating and restoring the healthy skin.


SGW Hyaluronic Acid + SGW Rejuvenating Facial Mask = Best Beauty Combination

SGW Rejuvenating Facial Mask is the best combination of SGW Hyaluronic Acid , the main function is to repair and increase efficiency, for the hormone face, red blood, sebum film damage, sunburn, acne, anti-inflammatory, severe peeling and dehydration of all skin problems have a good curative effect.


Recommendations of Best Beauty Combination

> Apply 1/3 of SGW Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence, then apply SGW Rejuvenating Facial Mask, washed, apply another 1/3 of SGW Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence, wait until 80% dry out, apply the balance of 1/3 of SGW Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence.
> For those allergic skin after apply SGW Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence, we recommend to use SGW Rejuvenating Facial Mask around 10 pieces advance to completely cure your allergic skin problem.